What Dress Styles Make Great Office Attire?

Taking off those PJs, making yourself office-ready, and heading into work may be something you haven’t done much of lately. It’s going to be hard trading in those comfy tees and joggers for business casual or even professional outfits every day.

Re-organizing your office-friendly wardrobe, and filling it with high-quality and versatile pieces, is a great way to make your morning routine effortless when it comes to choosing what to wear. Get your closet work-ready with a few great dress options for the office and beyond!

The A-Line Dress

Let’s start with the most figure-flattering shape of all — the A-line dress. This option comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and is a popular and classic closet staple. The A-line dress is fitted at the waist and then widens through the skirt to create a triangular shape (the A in A-line). 

This silhouette is versatile enough to carry over from the board room to karaoke! Get extreme mileage out of this piece and keep it fresh when you switch out your blazer and handbag every time you wear it. Adding statement jewelry customizes the ensemble for the office. Just take some flats or sneakers to dress down your outfit after a long day in heels. 

We also love pairing this great dress with other contemporary women’s clothing essentials — a favorite cardigan or leather jacket, for example. 

When shopping for an A-line dress for the office, go with a durable choice that can be worn through the seasons and can be washed at home. Stick with solid neutrals, such as navy blue or black, you can pair with anything in your closet.

The Tailored Suit Dress

Our next pick goes by a few different names, but we’ve labeled it the tailored suit dress because this style commands attention. These dresses are definite work essentials. 

The classic women’s suit dress usually falls into two types — a shift dress or a sheath dress. These uncomplicated dresses are boxy in shape and fall straight down from your shoulders. The main difference is that a shift dress is less fitted than a sheath dress. 

This dress type may be sold with a matching suit jacket (making it a great separate to style with your existing workpieces). And you can even opt for seasonal colors, such as red or yellow in the summer and brown or gray in the winter. 

We love to see modern styling with these dresses, which includes pairing them with tall boutique boots. Expand your dress wardrobe well into fall and winter with cold-weather pairings that include tights, sweaters, and coats.

The Bohemian Maxi Dress

Extend your wardrobe even more with this great choice for work and play. The bohemian maxi dress is an effortless, high-fashion option that can be worn anywhere. This dress works for every season too! 

There is a myriad of designs to consider with a maxi, but the most important of them is choosing a piece that fits you perfectly. Be sure it reaches all the way to the ankle so this dress can be paired with any shoe. Opt for flowy chiffon or satin fabric that will keep you comfortable and confident all day long. 

We love styling the bohemian maxi dress with boots, booties, and heels. Personalize your look with a stylish women’s hat or jacket that matches your footwear.

The Shirt Dress

This one-piece has been an iconic fashion staple for years. Go for shirt dresses that feature midi-length (mid-calf) hemlines. A tailored bodice with buttons and a collar, along with a tailored waist, make this choice professional and feminine. 

Pairing cold-weather essentials, like a faux fur coat, with a shirt dress, can extend this style into the winter months, though we really love a flowing shirt dress with a beautiful pump for spring through fall. Choose a thicker knit material during the winter, and lighter cotton as things get warmer. 

Update your work wardrobe with a few of these classic work dress silhouettes and make getting dressed for work easier than ever. Choose classic pieces that are made of high-quality materials and are comfortable and durable, and you’ll get years of wear out of them.

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