Mommy Chronicles: 21 Practical Ways To Keep Your Cool as a Mom

When you’re a mom, you’re always on call, always running in circles, and always trying to keep it together—especially when your kids are around. You’re expected to be a loving mother, a supportive wife, an attentive boss, and an active community member. And all at once.

It’s like you’re juggling five jobs simultaneously—and if you drop just one ball? Well, let’s just say no one will be happy about it.

So how do you keep your cool when things get crazy? Here are 21 practical ways to help:

  1. Don’t try to do everything at once.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (and then actually accept it).
  3. Take time for yourself regularly—even if it’s just an hour in the middle of the day.
  4. Be honest with yourself about what needs to be done and how much time is realistically available in your schedule to complete each task, then prioritize accordingly before proceeding with any tasks at all!
  5. Get enough sleep so that you feel rested and ready for whatever comes next on your list of priorities!
  6. Don’t compare yourself (or your parenting style) with other moms who seem “perfect” according to society’s standards—you’ll never measure up! Instead, focus on being kind both towards yourself and towards others who may not live up to those same standards but still deserve respect anyway! 
  7. Take deep breaths.
  8. Count backward from 10 (or 100).
  9. Call a friend and vent about what’s happening with your kids (and ask them for advice, if you trust their parenting advice).
  10. Distract yourself with an activity that doesn’t involve any children (like reading a book or watching TV).
  11. Be grateful for what you have (and make sure to say “thank you” regularly).  
  12. Remember that everyone makes mistakes—even moms! (And if someone calls you out on yours, just tell them that you’re sorry and move on.) 
  13. Schedule time with friends or family who make you laugh—laughter releases endorphins, which help reduce stress! 
  14. Get your kids involved in household chores so they learn how to help out around the house while also having fun doing it! 
  15. Exercise regularly (even if it’s just walking around the block). 
  16. Talk with other moms who understand what it’s like being a parent. 
  17. Be more flexible with rules—it’s okay if they don’t eat exactly what they want every day! 
  18. Remember when you are going through a challenge, that this too shall pass. 
  19. Take a bath before bed and listen to some affirmations. You’ll be more relaxed when it’s time for bed, it’ll be easy to fall asleep! 
  20. Learn to say no (and mean it).  
  21. Have fun with your kids! Play games with them, dance around the house with them… do whatever makes them (and you) smile!

Being a mom is a tough job that requires a lot of patience and resilience. It’s easy to lose your cool when dealing with the everyday challenges that come with motherhood.

However, implementing these practical tips can help you maintain your composure and remain calm in even the most stressful situations.

By taking care of yourself, setting boundaries, and approaching parenting with a positive mindset, you can be the best mom possible for your children while also taking care of your own needs. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help and take breaks when you need them. With a little effort and some practical strategies, you can keep your cool and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

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