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always for me at dressing room 8

8 Different Ways to Wear Pareos with Always For Me!

  I'm a big fan of being able to utilize one piece of clothing in multiple ways, and Pareos are pretty much the epitome of versatile fashion.  For those of you who are new to the world...

Top 8 Statement Accessories Worth the Splurge!

  Sometimes, there are select pieces of jewelry that are worth the splurge because they make a strong statement. I'm personally a big proponent of having a few pieces in my collection that I absolutely...
Tru Diva Designs

Meet the Bold Designer Who Perfectly Captures What It Means to be Sexy, Confident...

  Other than the clothes themselves, my favorite thing about the plus size fashion world is the people behind the fashion. It's one thing to design clothing for an established brand but another to also...

Must-Have Clutches!

  You need a dynamic clutch to complement your dynamic life. That's why I curated these treasures from across the web for your shopping pleasure!   Pick #1 - On sale! Only $89! Pick #2 - On Sale!...
hannah caroline couture

Meet Hannah Olson: The 19 Year-Old Plus Size Designer You Need to Know!

  If you take a look at all the movers and shakers who are disrupting our industries these days, you'll realize that many of them are not even old enough to purchase alcohol. Well, I met quite...

Styling Around Jewelry – Dress Up Edition!

We all have that specific outfit we love to wear with specific pieces of jewelry, but I dare you to venture out of your comfort zone! There are so many looks that can be styled...
dressing room 8 common curvy woes

My Tips for Tackling Common Curvy Fashion Woes

  Looking effortless and fabulous actually takes work - especially for curvy girls like us.  I know I have long struggled with these 5 "curvy girl fashion woes" below - check out my solutions on...
dressing room 8 summer curvy looks

Sizzling Curvy Looks For the Summer!

  As the temperature rises in the coming months, make sure you keep up with the heat with some of these hot curvalicious looks!   A Midsummer Night's Dream Not even Shakespeare could've imagined a more enchanting sight!  Wear...
Sweet Sailing

Edgy & Cute Looks with Jeans

Let's face it, it's not always easy to find a great pair of casual pants/jeans, but that's why we're here! These bottoms will have you looking like a 10 and feeling like you're on...