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6 Things I Can’t Live Without

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Be A Fashion Blogger For A Day!

I am constantly inspired by fashionistas we see on the street everyday and want to pay it forward by giving YOU a chance to have your fashion voice heard! If you have a unique style or fashion tips...

The Evolution Bra: The Last Bra You’ll Ever Need

  Bras are a tricky thing: a good one is magic, while a bad-fitting one is hell. Enter, the Evolution Bra by Knix Wear. What's so special? There are no seams or underwire and you can wear it...

Must-Buys For Mom This Season!

Dressing Room 8 has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Excited for Mother's Day? If you are a mom, shopping for mom, aunt, or special woman in...

Get to know Boots By Pamela: Stylish & High-Quality Wide-Calf Boots!

As someone with wide calves, I know first hand how hard it is to find boots that are cute, affordable, and fit! Luckily, we have BBP (Boots By Pamela). With over 15 years in the fashion...

Qurvii Styling for this Holiday Season!

This is a sponsored post by Qurvii. My opinions are all my own.  December is special for so many reasons!  From holidays to spending time time with family and friends there are several things to be...
plus size fall sweaters, vests and cardigans

Cardigans, Sweaters, Vests…Oh My!

  Temperatures are dropping outside but rising inside as the fall shopping frenzy begins! What better way to welcome the brisk fall air than with comfy and stylish sweaters, cardigans and vests. Here are my 8 favorite...

How to Navigate Professional Attire and Still Be True To Your Style!

  These days, depending on where you work, wearing too many prints or loud colors might warrant a conversation with your manager or even a write up. So how do you reconcile being true to...
Plus size fall jackets

Curvy Fashion Alert: Fall Coats & Jackets You Can’t Resist!

In the northeast, we are gearing up to say goodbye to summer and embrace fall and I can't think of a better way than to pick up a few fall jackets!  Don't forget to check...

This Month’s Picks for 8 Bold Dresses!

  Sometimes, bold is the way to go if you want to make a statement!  1.  On Sale - only $48.30! 2. Only $57.33! 3. Only $28.99! 4. Only $68.08! 5. On Sale - only $20.98! 6. On sale - only...