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Head to Toe Style Guide When Traveling to Sydney

Traveling to Sydney might be a dream come true, but packing for it sure can be a pain. Sydney is a tourist’s paradise: anything you could ever feel like doing can be done there,...

Are You Ready for the New Simply Be Campaign?

This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own.  Are you a fan of Simply Be? I have been a fan for such a long time. Why you may ask? Here's a few reasons:  They...

Universal Standard is What We are All Talking About

Universal Standard is an innovative brand that is bringing elevated versions of the essentials we wear on a daily basis.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Alexandra Waldman the Co-founder & COO and we dive...

Love What’s Hidden with Q-T Intimates

Feeling good starts from the inside. Our subterranean garments really make our outfits look that much better. Luckily, brands like Q-T Intimates are giving women of ALL sizes just what we need to really fall in...