Recently, I just celebrated another marriage anniversary which got me thinking…

When was the first time you thought about love? 

For me, it was when I was 6 years old and madly “in love” with a boy who had the most beautiful chocolate skin and breathtaking black wavy hair. I spent the next 10 years obsessed with this same boy. Was he interested in me? No – but that worked out quite well for me and my husband.  

Was I really in love? Definitely No. But, it was the beginning of that emotional journey we all have to take, where we begin to think about a life involving someone else. What will they look like? What will we share in common? What will our children look like? 

When I met Mr. Right

The first time I met my husband, I was instantly drawn to him. It was as if I heard a voice inside telling me to go and speak to him. Luckily, I listened. Was it a beautiful memorable conversation? No. In fact it was quite awkward and I didn’t even get his phone number – I was 18 and not savvy with my flirty game.

Two weeks later, I saw him at a movie on Penn State’s campus, and I took the initiative to re-introduce myself. We went to a party together and it was history from there. 

Finding love in college makes total sense. Why? You are in close proximity to the person and you are able to run into each other and you are sharing similar experiences with each other.  

Within two minutes of speaking with my husband I was smitten with him. And, in 6 weeks I was head over heels in love with him.

What do you do if you are not in school and you are looking for your other half?  

What are you doing to live a purposefully prosperous life?

How can you find love if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your life? I have heard too many women say they will get their life together once they get their man!  

Does this make any sense? We attract what we think. If you are spending our lives upset, angry or frustrated with our jobs, friends, family, or anything else, how can you attract the love that you are looking for? To get what you want, you have to have a mind set of success. This applies to love like like anything else in life. 

What do you need to let go?  

Actively having a good mindset and moving forward in your life means that you have to let go of things in your life. Clearing out bad habits, secret haters, people standing in your way, and own negative thoughts is critical.  Are you willing to do what it takes? 

Are you willing to work at it?  

Unfortunately, people don’t come with instruction manuals. No matter how amazing your potential partner will be, there will inevitably be arguments, disagreements, and times when you might need some space. Don’t worry it is healthy to disagree with your partner.  

I love my husband with my entire heart. Are we exactly alike? No. In fact, we are VERY different. We debate and disagree all the time. This doesn’t mean I don’t love him beyond time and space. The fact that we are really different is what makes our relationship more rich and vibrant. We have to celebrate the difference in others, especially our romantic partners. 

Can You Keep an Open Mind? 

Knowing what you want is key. But, you don’t know what you don’t know. People will surprise you. There will be qualities and traits in people you didn’t know that you wanted until you are dealing with it. So….Keep an Open Mind! 

Are You Ready to Find Love? 

I want to hear all about your journey! 

~ Natasha