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What Are New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Keep?

Happy New Year!!! It is 2018 and we all have a whole new year to pursue our passions, grow in our careers, and personally develop as much as we want. So, what do most people...

Have You Tried this Yummy Scent for the Fall?

What scent are you rocking this Fall? For me, I love to switch from a more floral based scent, to something that reminds me of everything we love this Fall. Scents like Vanilla Bean,...

10 Reasons Why You Are A Bad Ass

Most people don't realize just how AMAZING they really are. Why do I say this?  Waking Up is a victory  Checking off items on your checklist is #Winning  Having a plan in the first...

Musings on Love & Compatibility

Recently, I just celebrated another marriage anniversary which got me thinking... When was the first time you thought about love?  For me, it was when I was 6 years old and madly "in love" with a boy...

Get Curvy Power In A Box From Curvy Gurl Box

This is a sponsored post. The Curvy Gurl Box was provided for the review. My opinions are all my own.  Are you looking for curvy motivation every month? Your wish has just been granted. Curvy Gurl...