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Fashion Brands That Celebrates All Body Types

Real women are a variety of different shapes and sizes. The cookie-cutter straight sizes of small to large don’t always cut it for a huge portion of American women. We need sizes that cater...

Are You Ready for a Fashionable Medical Apparel Revolution?

I grew up across the street from Mount Sinai Beth Israel (formerly known as Beth Israel Medical Center). My mother tirelessly worked as an Operating Room Technician for many years. Blue scrub after blue...

Love What’s Hidden with Q-T Intimates

Feeling good starts from the inside. Our subterranean garments really make our outfits look that much better. Luckily, brands like Q-T Intimates are giving women of ALL sizes just what we need to really fall in...

“The Sixty-Six Percent” – A New Documentary on the Plus Size Fashion Industry

The Sixty-Six Percent is a documentary that explores NY's Full Figured Fashion Week to engage in a broader conversation into cultural norms and issues surrounding women's clothing sizes and body shapes. The title reflects...

Did You Miss The Hottest Fashion Show in DC?

A fashion show is more than the models and glamorous clothes involved. It is more than the immense stress, planning, and praying involved to have it go off without a hitch. When the lights...