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The Secret is a phenomenal book that CHANGED my life. Learning about the law of attraction helped me to understand:  

  • How to establish a winning mindset 
  • Take ownership of my actions and my life’s purpose 
  • How to handle negativity and toxic people  
  • What it takes to succeed personally & professionally 
  • How to focus on the right stuff
  • The importance of establishing healthy boundaries 

Reading is how we expand our minds and this is why I started the Dressing Room 8 Book Club. When I re-read The Secret this year, I had a major revelation. There are some books that must be read more than once. In fact, there are some books that you NEED to read each and every year. I urge you to add The Secret to that list of books you need to read over and over again. 

6 Reasons Why You Need to Read The Secret Every Year

1) Humans are Creatures of Habit

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie 

If you want to change your life, then you will need to change your mindset, actions, and behaviors again and again. To become a practitioner of the law of attraction, you will need to read about the law repeatedly. Thus, reading The Secret will help you learn how to manifest the life you want each and every day. 

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2) Stinking Thinking is Too Easy

It is SUPER easy to be very negative towards ourselves and others. According to Psychology Today, “Multiple studies have revealed how chronic negative attitudes can adversely affect one’s healthhappiness, and well-being.” Given that negativity diminishes the type of lives we have, you must acknowledge when you are engaging in self-defeating talk, making negative assumptions, focusing on past negative events, or playing the comparison game. You are only hurting YOURSELF. The Secret will teach you how to change your stinking thinking. This is a lesson that needs to be learned and relearned repeatedly. 

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3) Our Memories Aren’t As Long As We Think They Are

When it comes to the human brain, there are some interesting facts you should know about. According to

  • “Short-term memory can hold up to 7 pieces of information at the same time… But only for around 20 seconds!”
  • “Most memories adults have come from when we were between 15 and 25 years old. The “reminiscence bump” which is the tendency for older adults to remember events that occurred during their adolescent and early adult years, can account for 60% of all memories.”
  • “The brain’s hippocampus (not hippopotamus!) plays a significant role in transforming short-term memories into long-term ones. It is a small horseshoe-shaped area in the brain, present symmetrically on both sides of the brain. It declines with time and by the age of 80, 20% of its nerve connections can be lost. If one side of the hippocampus is damaged, it won’t affect memory at all. However, damages to both sides will stop the storage of any new memories!” 

Our brain is a remarkable organ. I would argue it is the most important organ in the human body. Sadly, we will not remember every single thought we have or every event that takes place. The limitless knowledge you will learn in The Secret has to be re-read every year because: 

  • You will forget some of the knowledge you learned 
  • You will not understand all the advice the first time you read the book 
  • Your interpretations of the book will change year to year 
  • Re-reading the book will spark information that you learned and forgot  

4) You Are Your Own Savior

You are responsible for the following: 

  • Finding your life’s purpose 
  • Discovering your passions 
  • Understanding what makes you happy 
  • Establishing healthy boundaries personally and professionally  
  • Learning from “mistakes” or “failures”  

If you need to change your life, no one else is showing up to make the change possible. It will be up to YOU to make the necessary changes. You are your own savior and your #1 advocate.  

5) Never Too Much Positivity in Life

Rarely have I heard someone complain about having “too much” positivity in their life. If you read The Secret every year, you will be left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and activated to move forward with your goals and ambitions. The overwhelming positivity you are consuming will make you grateful. How could anyone have an issue with this? 

6) Learning is an Ongoing Process

As an educator, I notice people learn information when they repeatedly read and study the material. If you want to commit The Secret to memory, re-reading the book every year will make this possible. 

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Are you ready to read The Secret for 2019?