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You Need to be Watching the Plus This! Show

Plus size women make up 67% of the nation. Yet, the majority of these women are not adequately represented in our media. Why is this the case? As you know, things have been changing in...

Meet the Fearless Blogger & Body Positive Activist Leah Vernon

Being confident and fearless might not come easily to all of us. But, do we all have the ability to release our inner confidence warrior? Yes, we do! How is this possible? Listening, watching...

Meet the Founder of JLEW Bags

Have you ever seen something that made you instantly stop? When I first saw a JLEW Bag in person I was completely stunned. Yes, I instantly stopped and was completely taken back by the beautifully...

Get to Know Fashion Pioneer Alexandra Boos

Plus fashion pioneer, Alexandra Boos, has propelled the industry forward by working as a model, on-air spokesperson, fashion, fit, and brand consultant, fashion PR and marketer, fashion show and photo shoot producer, as well as...

Vintage Inspired Wedding Shoes Will Complete Your Wedding Outfit

This is a sponsored guest post provided by the Wardrobe Shop. Finally, your dream has come true. You are getting married! Your dream man proposed. The date is set. You have picked the location. You...

Are You Ready For Your Final Bra? Evelyn & Bobbie Think So

Do you think it is possible to have a good bra that actually fits?  Can I find a bra that doesn't hurt after wearing it for 12 hours?  Can I feel free and supported in a...

Style Guide To Make Our Men As Stylish As Us

Weddings and special events take place year after year. Ladies, as we focus on what we are wearing and the image we want to portray, our guys are rummaging through their bottom drawers for...

Photographer Spotlight: Robbie Joseph

Hey There Dressing Room 8 Family!  Check out my first blog post featuring Robbie Joseph!  He is a 22 year old photographer and videographer located in New York City. Creating strong visuals has always been a passion...