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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2018

Whether it is your mom, auntie, grandmother, godmother, or a woman who you deeply love, she deserves to feel celebrated every single day. And, this weekend you can make her feel even more special...

8 Things I Want for Christmas

As much as I adore Halloween, the minute the clock hits 12:00 AM on November 1st, my mind immediately jumps for excitement of the holiday season.   With every holiday season, I sit down and type...

Have You Tried this Yummy Scent for the Fall?

This post was sponsored. The perfume was provided by Callio Fragrance. All opinions are my own.  What scent are you rocking this Fall? For me, I love to switch from a more floral based scent, to something...

You Can’t Miss this Fall Plus Size Styling With boohoo

Can you believe that Fall is officially HERE? Here, in NY, the weather seems a bit confused with its up and down temperatures. Nonetheless, our fall shopping must go on.So...I thought I would style...

6 Things I Can’t Live Without

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Finding Comfort with Q-T Intimates

This is a sponsored post. Q-T Intimates provided the bras reviewed. All opinions are my own.  Finding a good bra doesn't have to feel exhausting or deflating. Once you know your actual size, trying on...

Keeping It Casual With Christopher & Banks

This post was sponsored by Christopher & Banks. My opinions are all my own. I've found it surprisingly hard to find comfortable casual clothes that fit me without being boxy or just bleh. That's why I'm...

The Perfect Brand for Comfy and Chic

This post was sponsored by Christopher & Banks. My opinions are all my own. My readers know that I'm always in search of clothes that are fashionable and comfortable - if either one is missing, then...

Must-Buys For Mom This Season!

Dressing Room 8 has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Excited for Mother's Day? If you are a mom, shopping for mom, aunt, or special woman in...