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Soulevant collage

Soulevant: Plus Size Lingerie That Actually Lifts with NO Underwire!

  As we conduct more and more interviews with innovators in the plus size fashion space, we start to see a common thread that runs through all of their stories: not finding what they needed...
lane bryant survivor ambassadors

Plus Size Retailers Who Are Joining The Fight To End Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’d like to highlight two plus size retailers that are committed to joining the fight to end this disease, as well as provide some information on...
cameo de bore clutch

Join the Lady-Like Movement with Cameo de Boré

Cameo de Boré Phillips has designed and sold hundreds of custom-made clutches to women this year alone. She did this while also raising two teenage children with her husband Jerry and mentoring teens and young...

This Month’s Picks for 8 Bold Dresses!

  Sometimes, bold is the way to go if you want to make a statement!  1.  On Sale - only $48.30! 2. Only $57.33! 3. Only $28.99! 4. Only $68.08! 5. On Sale - only $20.98! 6. On sale - only...
always for me at dressing room 8

8 Different Ways to Wear Pareos with Always For Me!

  I'm a big fan of being able to utilize one piece of clothing in multiple ways, and Pareos are pretty much the epitome of versatile fashion.  For those of you who are new to the world...
boston curvy fashion week

Boston Curvy Fashion Week 2015: Fashion, Fun, & Empowerment!

  Boston Curvy Fashion Week (BCFW) included incredible fashion shows, inspirational talks, and meaningful networking! Sandra Augustin is the founder of BCFW and the reason why Boston will never be the same after July 26th. It was such a...

Top 8 Statement Accessories Worth the Splurge!

  Sometimes, there are select pieces of jewelry that are worth the splurge because they make a strong statement. I'm personally a big proponent of having a few pieces in my collection that I absolutely...
Tru Diva Designs

Meet the Bold Designer Who Perfectly Captures What It Means to be Sexy, Confident...

  Other than the clothes themselves, my favorite thing about the plus size fashion world is the people behind the fashion. It's one thing to design clothing for an established brand but another to also...

Must-Have Clutches!

  You need a dynamic clutch to complement your dynamic life. That's why I curated these treasures from across the web for your shopping pleasure!   Pick #1 - On sale! Only $89! Pick #2 - On Sale!...
plus size denim looks

How to Style A Sexy Look With Denim! (Plus Sizes)

  Denim is one of my favorite textiles because it is long-lasting, looks better with time, bad-ass and currently trending. Please check out these looks I put together and my tips on how to style around this wonderful invention!   Pick...