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Pic with Shelly Queen
I first learned about NYC Full Figured Fashion Week from an article in The New Yorker magazine last fall.  I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that this event had evaded my radar for several years even though it was happening in my own backyard; they even have a pretty awesome website.  In fact, this year, FFFW will be taking place from June 14th - 20th, and yours...
How You Doin
In the Northeast, it is finally feeling like we may make it to spring after all.  That means it's time to start shopping for summer wear! Check out some Dressing Room 8 top picks for fabulous beach attire! Lovin' The Sun           No need to ponder about what to wear on a hot sunny day anymore. With this look, you'll make the...
Black Leggings for Curvy Women
There's nothing like comfortable shape wear that makes you feel and look sexy in whatever you slip into. But as we all know, it can be a bit difficult to find the right match. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that have worked wonders for me depending on what I was trying to achieve. Bodylicious   I like this one for lifting the...
Showing Off Your Hips
March is curves celebration month! This is a shout out to all the curvy 8s who love your hips and aren't afraid to show them off (and you shouldn't!). Less Is More          You don't necessarily have to show more to look sexy, and with the right outfit, showing less can be even sexier.   This chick ensemble is appropriate for both work and play.   More Stripes...

Necklace Envy!

Tickle Me Teal
A statement necklace can add another layer of style to an ordinary outfit and catapult an already great look into the Goddess zone.   Drape any of these pieces below around your neck and try not to feel like Aphrodite on a good hair day!   Golden Pearl  Feeling like an Arabian Princess? With this piece you absolutely feel and look like one! Every woman...
Oh La La - That's A Hot Tamale!
Confident, Classy, and Chic - this look says it all, and the best part is.... it'll leave everyone else speechless.             As I always say, share your gems with me at [email protected]!
Brisk Fit
Granted, we may not always feel sexy and cute while sweating it out, but that doesn't mean we can't look the part of the sporty fashionista.  Whether working out or simply working it, these looks below will fit the bill. Roaring Red              As you throw on those sneakers ready to bust a move, you can be confident that you are ready to...

Oh My! Bags Galore!

Holy Bags
I love bags. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when the right bag makes its way into my life, and I wouldn't be too upset to see any of the bags below in my closet. Check out these unique bags that you won't see every day! Clutch Cool  This is such a perfect mix of fashion, function and mystery.  Keep everyone on their...
Moxy Chic
Business wear is pretty tricky for us curvy 8s but luckily, you don't have to live your week bound by corporate shackles! You can look both fierce and professional in the office with the help of some eye-catching accessories and a little flare.   Corporate Diva               Work in a stuffy corporate environment where neutrals rule the day?  No worries! Throw a...

Quirky Much?

Quirky Much
If undefinable is what you're going for, then look no further than this post.  I've selected a nice variety of unique and fun accessories for you to experiment with. It's time to unleash your inner quirk and show everyone how fun fashion can truly be!                                  As always, I am dying to see your favorite quirky look!...