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5 Ways to Gracefully Exit a Conversation

Picture this: You are in the middle of a conversation. Twenty minutes have passed and you are ready for the conversation to end but the person speaking to you will not stop talking. How...

How to Deal with Entitlement

Life can be challenging at times. Feeling like you are owed something (aka "entitlement") could be blocking you from getting what you really want. Watch the video below and check out the accompanying deck...

Goodbye Expectations, Hello Joy

As I approach my birthday in September, I have been spending a lot of time focusing on identifying tactics I need to apply for the next chapter of my life. And, I have discovered...

Are People Listening To Your Voice?

Do you love the sound of the voice? When it comes to my voice, most people think I am from Los Angeles and they can't get enough of my laugh. When it comes to...