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6 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Live By

Beauty is a never-ending journey that requires constant care and attention. From skincare to makeup, there are countless tips and tricks out there that can help you enhance your natural beauty. In this post,...

Mommy Chronicles: Don’t be Surprised When These 6 Things Happen

Sometimes the unexpected happens. For me, it seems that it usually happens on a daily basis! This is my list of what to expect after having a baby.  Take a minute to read over these...

7 Common Misconceptions About Career Coaching

Let's face it. You were skeptical about career coaching at first. Don't worry, I get it. I'm here to clear up some common misconceptions about the process and how it works so that you...

Mommy Chronicles: How to Say Goodbye

This month was filled with loss that really hurt. On February 2nd, Kahlil and I said goodbye to our beloved 12-year old Tuxedo cat. Then, on February 22nd, I lost my Aunt Sonia, who...

5 Quick Tips to One Up Your Jumpsuit Outfit

Loungewear dominated 2020 (for obvious reasons), and it continues its prominence even as we slowly march back towards normalcy. After over a year of tie-dyed sweats, are we really supposed to jump back into...

Find Out How PowerToFly is Transforming the Workplace

Katharine Zaleski is the Co-founder and President of PowerToFly, the community where women are changing the nature of work. PowerToFly is doing this in three ways: matching women with companies, building inclusive environments where...

Is It Time to Get A New Job?

It is 9:15 AM on a Monday morning and I am running late to work. Did I wake up late? No. Did I set your alarm? Yes. Just couldn't muster the energy to move...

Making this a Stress Free Year

It is 2017, and I am excited to make this year as memorable and prosperous as possible. In order to do this, there are things that have to be properly addressed. As I shared...

Get Fit With Always For Me

This is a sponsored post by Always For Me. My opinions are all my own.  As 2016 approaches, it is important to focus on what we want from the new year!  Do you want to start a...